Originally from the green and gold of Melbourne, Australia—I’ve now called Berlin (and Europe) home.

I’ve been thinking, making, and communicating for 12 years. I started my design journey studying Brand and Communication Design at university, however since then I've have done most of my learning through doing in the fields of product, service, and experience design.

I believe that by creating empathy with people and their problems, we can use creativity and technology to design new and relevant experiences that truely help people. This is best unlocked with multidisciplinary teams collaborating towards a common goal. No problem or project is the same, so I use a set of core methods flexibly depending on the ask.

My skillset is a hybrid of hands-on craft and leadership skills, allowing me to flexibly work in a range of situations to maximise outcome. I'm not a one-person-team, but I also don't think you can seperate strategy from research, or UX from UI, which is why I'm interested in collaborating with experts across every field.

What we apply our design skills towards is also important, design should be a power for good in the world. We shouldn't just be trying to sell more stuff, but making life better for future generations by positively contributing to equality and the climate.

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Recent experience

Experience Design Director,

UX/UI Director,
Wunderman Thompson

Senior Interaction Designer,
Prime Motive

Selected clients


In my spare time I can usually be found outside: either cycling, hiking, or exploring Europe’s amazing nature. If I’m inside, I’m probably working on one of the following:

Custom lighting design & build

WIP documentation of my process

Visually exploring climate change